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" We lived in San Jose and had a beach house we used and rented, and then rented and used over a 25 year period.  Built in the 40s, it was getting pretty shabby and in need of some major improvements.  Knowing how particular my wife’s tastes were, our designer suggested that we use F. John Labarba Construction.  Knowing the reputation for Santa Cruz contractors to be off the job when the surf was up, we were concerned about getting a quality contractor and not a world class surfer. 

I can’t tell you how happy we were having John as our contractor.  I don’t know why he uses F. John,  but that’s his thing.  Want to tell me Fidel John?  I just call him John.  It was on time, over budget only because we asked John to do some upgrades, and use the highest quality materials. 

We were more than pleased with the result.  It really reminds me of European quality construction/craftsmanship.  There was never any down time, and John was personally on the job with his crew nearly all the time.  What can I tell you.  If you’re looking for a quality person who is also a quality building contractor and a man of his word, you’ll not find a better choice than F. John LaBarba Construction. "

Verne  Walton, Santa Cruz, CA

John is the rare contractor who is an artist, has a keen interest in history and structures, and is a skilled technician. He remodeled The Buttery, when we expanded the business 6 years ago and did a marvelous job.

He's fun and charming and a joy to work with. When problems arise he can always resolve them.
I wanted to double the square footage, make it look as if it was always one business and not be closed one day. Electricity was added, water lines moved, walls put up, the dish washing area was expanded and we weren't closed even an hour.
All that is great and important, but here's the other thing. He updates his billing every week and documents everything he does. You always know exactly where you stand financially.
Really, he's in a class of his own. I can't recommend him more highly.


"I have known and worked with F. John Labarba for over ten years. During this time I have know him to be a thoughtful and thurough contractor with a keen attention to detail and a positive team oriented attitude. He consistently performs excellent work in a professional manner."
Andrew C. Radovan
Civil Engineer, Santa Cruz, CA

I am a concrete contractor. When it comes to general contracting, I use John or F John La Barba for my projects. John remodeled a 7,000 sqft office building for us that is located near to the Santa Cruz Yacht Harbor. He did the remodel while the office was fully occupied. He managed not to disrupt the businesses and maintained peace during the several month long project. John has done several other projects for us over the years. If you hire John you will get a quality job on time for the price quoted. Changes are dealt with fairly. Our first project with John was in 1990 and we continue to work with John on projects.

Larry Willis, Willis Construction,
San Juan Bautista, CA

F. John did a great job on an ADA  upgrade to our restrooms in our mobile home park. His carpenter, and all of his sub contractors all were masters in their crafts. His pricing was fair, and change orders were explained with great detail, and they were priced fairly. I especially appreciated his diligence regarding keeping to the schedule.
  If you are looking to get your project built to the highest standards, with a contractor that really cares about all the little details, along with the happiness of his clients, and attention to the budget, then give F. John a call. I am quite sure that you will be very satisfied.

Phil Pursha,
San Jose, CA

John La Barba and his crews have been working with me since 1979 on a multitude of construction renovations, additions and special residential projects including several family homes and numerous rental units. John is unique in his ability to deal with difficult, unusual and out of square structures and make it work the way you envision it. He does not cut corners on quality and structural soundness and his finish work is very good. I am probably one of John's oldest customers and one of his hardest, in getting good value and what I want from him by being mutually flexible with him. He always delivers and will advise you on what he thinks is best for your project.

Thom S. Phair Jr.
La Selva Beach, CA

F. John and his crew were instrumental in converting our old, run-down  week-end beach house into a comfortable, artistically constructed beach home.  I would recommend, and have recommended F. John LaBarba simply because, in my opipnion he is the best. 

He is focused, intelligent, talented and a perfectionist.  He demands the same from his crew and the results speak for themselves. We have lived in our home, built by John, for over four years now and the quality and craftsmanship is unsurpassed. His attention to detail makes an ordinary project extraordinary. 

You can trust John and know he will do his best to give you the best.  You will receive value for your money, and have a well-built home (or other construction project),  you will enjoy for years!  There isn’t a day that goes by that my husband and I feel we were so fortunate to have had F. John in charge of our home re-do. 
Thank you John.  We love our home! 

Susan Walton, Santa Cruz, CA

As an architect I've enjoyed working with F John because of his organizational skills, cost effectiveness, and attention to detail.  He and his staff make a conscientious effort to, pay attention to the details, stay on budget and schedule, create the owners' vision . F John also has a strong historical background that makes him invaluable during renovations and remodels of the many period homes and commercial structures in the area. I would highly recommend F John to any of my clients.
Peter Bagnall
William Bagnall Architects

F. John took over our pharmacy expansion and remodel after our first contractor made a complete mess of the project.  He recommended and worked closely with our architect and engineer to resolve the problems and get our project back on track.  Unlike our first contractor, he provided hands-on daily supervision of the crew and ensured everything was coordinated and on track.  He was patient with changes in mid-project, adapting without complaint. 

F John took great care to minimize the effects of construction on the existing business and customers, and left the work site clean and organized at the end of every day.  He took great care not to damage existing structures.  We are confident we made the right choice in hiring F John and are happy our project was done with care and quality throughout

John Lindberg  & Staff,
Owner Watsonville Pharmacy

I'm a subcontractor and have worked for F. John on many projects in the Santa Cruz area. F. John and his crew are extremely professional and they demand only the heights quality of craftsmanship on their job sites. I would certainly recommend F. John LaBarba Construction for any and all your construction jobs, large or small.

Jack Benson,  Jack Benson Masonry,
Santa Cruz, CA

I have been working with LaBarba Construction for over 15 years.  Being in the building industry I can honestly say that John goes above and beyond to make sure that you have a structurally sound, perfectly finished project whether it is a small bathroom or large commercial space.  He has extremely strong work ethics and is honest and fairly priced.  His business is built on trust and integrity.  I give him 10 stars!

Debra Cypert,  Owner of Interior Visions,
Soquel, CA

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